Location for August 22 will be in the Municipal Library in Ilioupoli, in the southeastern part of the Athens.

Located near the Ilioupolis Metro Station, the Municipal Library of Ilioupolis is a vibrant place where people of all ages gather to transform their lives in the reading materials available. The shelves are filled with authors from around the world who join the literary talents of Greece’s finest writers to provide an inspirational atmosphere of learning. In a brightly lit environment, the Children’s Section provides a comfortable setting for young people to browse through the books that will help develop their knowledge to a world beyond their imagination. A reading area can also be found in the library which offers the peace and tranquility of study and research. In this safe environment, the library staff is well trained and experienced to support the visitors to the library. Join us at the Municipal Library of Ilioupolis, where your world will expand and your life will experience the joy of learning.



Remember, in the second day, August 23, we will meet on the Megalo Kavouri Beach.

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